Documentation for the AscToPDF conversion utility

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Documentation for the AscToPDF text-to-PDF conversion utility

AscToPDF is a utility designed to convert plain text files into PDF pages. The program can be used to convert legacy text files to PDF as one-off conversions, or to help you author sets of PDF pages in text. The program has been developed from AscToHTM a text-to-HTML conversion utility. Much of the code and help files are developed in parallel, so there may occasionally be inappropriate references to AscToHTM.

The program attempts to detect the existing structure in the files being converted by determining rules or policies that describe the file layout. These are known as the analysis policies.

The policies used by the file can be saved to a policy file and subsequently reloaded. This allows standard sets of policies to be defined.

This document describes AscToPDF 0.9, released in April 2006.

The PDF version of this document was converted from the textfile AscToPDF.txt by the product itself.

Any HTML, RTF or Windows Help files are also converted from the same text file using the AscToHTM and AscToRTF JafSoft utilities.

Windows installation
  How it works
Assumptions made by the program
The analysis pass
The collating pass
The output pass
  Running the software
Other Information
Running as a Windows application
Running as a command line program
Running from the 'SendTo' menu
  Getting the most from AscToPDF
Making your first attempt
Refining your results
Processing several files at once
Generating log files
  Understanding the PDF generated
Text layout
Text formatting
Headings and section titles
Pre-formatted text
  Using policy files
What are Policy files?
Analysis policies
  Using the pre-processor
Document commands
Section delimiters
Other commands
  Using Text Command Files
Text Commands available
Text Command line elements
An example Text Command File
  Diagnosing conversion errors
  Change History
Version 0.9 (April 2006)
  Ordering your copy
What happens if I don't register AscToPDF?
Upgrade Policy
Other products by the same author
Contacts on the Web
  Other versions
API version
Console version
Linux version
  Documentation available

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