Documentation for the Detagger html to text converter and markup removal utility

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Documentation for the Detagger markup remover and HTML-to-text conversion utility

Detagger is a utility designed to process files containing markup tags. The program has various options to selectively remove some or all of the tags in the file.

The document describes Detagger version 2.4, which was released in June 2005.

Windows installation
OpenVMS version of Detagger
  Running the software
Running as a Windows application
Console version
Running from the 'SendTo' menu
Working with Unicode
  Using policy files
What are Policy files?
Alphabetical list of Detagger policies
Markup removal policies
Text conversion policies
Miscellaneous policies
  Using a Text Fragments File
Header and footer fragments
Separator fragments
Fragment tags
  Using a Text Commands File
Text Commands available
Text Command line elements
An example use of a Text Commands File
  Ordering your copy
Windows Version
API version
  Detagger on the Web
  Change History
Version 2.4 (June 2005)
Version 2.3.2 (September 2004)
Version 2.3 (April 2004)
Version 2.2 (May 2003)
Version 2.1 (March 2003)
Version 2.0 (December 2002)
Version 1.0 (August 2002)
  Documentation available

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