JafSoft's Introduction to the Internet

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1 Introduction

This document gives a guide to how to get the most out of access to the Internet. It gives a brief history of the Net, an overview of its major features, and hints and instructions on how to use the software available for the Net.

This document was originally written in support of a seminar given by the author at Hong Kong University.

The text version of this document will be converted into HTML using the author's own AscToHTM conversion tool. The HTML version of this document will contain hyperlinks to additional sources of information.

The last major revision of this document was in May '97. The last minor revision date is shown in the footer.

1.1 Other guides

There are many, many detailed guides available on all aspects of the Internet. For example


The Big Dummy's guide to the Internet is a rich source of information and can be found at


Of course you can search for lists of search engines. Here's two that I've found

http://www.rcch.com/hotlist/search.htm http://www.med.harvard.edu/countway/webref/inet.html

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