Demonstration API versions of JafSoft converters

JafSoft text converters offer some of the most powerful and accurate text conversion tools available anywhere. Users who register the software not only get the Windows program, but will also get access to a console version of the software.

However, for software developers who would like to deploy JafSoft converters as part of their own software solutions, the software is also available with an Application Programming Interface (API).

All of our converters, use a common API which is documented in the API documentation (85 kb). The API itself is written in C++, but the API methods are exposed via a "C"-like interface. This means it is possible to call the software from C/C++ as well as Visual Basic and Java.

Please note: The API versions are sold under separate license to the windows utilities. Contact [email protected] for details

API demonstration package

For your convenience we have assembled an API demonstration package which includes sample C++ and Visual basic projects, demonstrating the use of the API. These packages are not time-limited, but do have a number of minor restrictions (see Limitations of the evaluation versions)

To use the evaluation package, proceed as follows :-

  1. Download the package for the converter(s) you are interested in form the following links
Converter Download
AscToHTM (text to HTML) AscToHTM API evaluation files (1,773 kb)
AscToRTF (text to RTF) AscToRTF API evaluation files (1,621 kb)
AscToTab (text to table, HTML or RTF) AscToTab API evaluation files (1,876 kb)
Detagger (HTML to text, tag removal) Detagger API evaluation files (1,491 kb)

  1. Extract the API demonstration package and install this on your system. This will create (amongst other things) an empty folder called \DLLs

  2. Install the remainder of the files into the \DLLs folder.

  3. For C++ demos..

  4. For VB demos..

Limitations of the evaluation versions

In order to give you the fullest opportunity to try these APIs with your software, these evaluation versions are not time-limited, however they do have limitations that should act as an incentive to purchase, should you find the API suits your needs. These are detailed in the "readme" files included with the API demonstration package and include

It is not expected that this restrictions should prevent a full evaluation, but if you feel they do, please contact [email protected] with details.


For details of pricing, contact [email protected] with details of your requirements. Prices differ for one-off application development versus multiple installation development. In some cases discount may be given for educational and charitable organisations.


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