Documentation for JafSoft products

This page lists the documentation available for JafSoft products. You can either read these manuals on-line from this web site, or download .zip files containing various documentation sets so that you may read them at your leisure from your own hard drive.

Product manuals

HTML and RTF manuals are available for all JafSoft products. Since these files were all generated from text using JafSoft text conversion products, you can see the text originals of some, but not all, documents. Some browsers may have difficult viewing the RTF. If yours does, save the RTF to disk and then use your normal word processor package to read the file. Better still download the file.

The manuals for each product are very similar, reflecting the underlying similarity of each of our text conversion products.

Product name HTML version RTF version Text version All (in zip file)
AscToHTM AscToHTM documentation (RTF) (647k) (TXT) (212k) (368k)
AscToPDF AscToPDF documentation (RTF) (307) (TXT) (289k) (231k)
AscToRTF AscToRTF documentation (RTF) (640k) (TXT) (105) (364k)
AscToTab AscToTab manual (RTF) (83k) (TXT) (42k) (23k)
Detagger Detagger documentation (RTF) (423k) (TXT) (122k) (157k)

Support documents

In addition to the product manuals, a number of support manuals are available that document features largely shared by one or more products.

Manual description HTML version RTF version Text version
The text conversion FAQ. This started
life as the AscToHTM FAQ, but now applies
to other products as well.
(RTF) (167k)
(TXT) (92k)
The Policy manual describes the
use of "policy file" by the software
Policy Manual
(RTF) (548k)
(TXT) (242k)
The Tag manual describes the use
of the preprocessor in each products
Tag Manual
(RTF) (255k)
(TXT) (97k)
The API manual describes how to integate
JafSoft converters into your own code
API manual
(RTF) (118k)
(TXT) (52k)
The Table manual will describe how to
get the most from table conversions
(not written yet)
(not written yet)
The Error manual describes the messages (not written yet) (not written yet) n/a

Downloads available

The following downloads are available. There is a degree of overlap in the contents. Most of the contents of these downloads are included with the relevant product downloads themselves.

HTML (and some text) (368k)

Contains all the AscToHTM documentation including :-
AscToHTM manual
Policy Manual
Tag manual
Some of the documentation is also included in "kit
form" so you can examine how it was converted to HTML. (364k)

Contains all the AscToRTF documentation including :-
AscToRTF manual
Policy Manual
Tag Manual (23k)
Contains all the AscToTab documentation including :-
AscToTab Manual (97k) Contains the FAQ (157k) Contains all the Detagger documentation


You can download the following .zip file containing RTF versions of the documentation. This .zip file is almost smaller than most of the individual .rtf files. (487k) Contains all following documentation in RTF format :-
AscToHTM manual
AscToRTF manual
Detagger manual
Policy Manual
Tag manual

The RTF documentation is converted from text by AscToRTF. The same text files and configuration files were used as AscToHTM used to generate the HTML.


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