JafSoft Limited affiliates

JafSoft is proud to be affiliated with the following companies and sites.


Are you using your clipboard
to it's fullest potential?

ClipMate is a clipboard extender, that will capture everything you copy to the pasteboard and allow you to recall the data later, organize it into "clip libraries" and much more.

If you've ever found yourself using the cut and paste functions in Windows and clicking between two windows as you transfer details back and forward, then you owe it to yourself to try this software. Read more about using Clipmate with JafSoft products.

Starmount limited

Starmount are the UK-based company who supply all our computer hardware requirements. Originally specialising in bespoke PC construction, Starmount now additionally offer technical consultancy, e.g. on Network setup. More recently Starmount have become key distributors in the UK of

All are at very competitive prices, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. You can read more details on their products page

Starmount are based in the North of England. Their website is at www.starmount.co.uk and they have a support page that contains links to the support website for all manufacturers whose products they carry.


POttSoft is a site run by my good friend Philip Ottewell, a great VMS programmer who has sadly "passed on" (to work on Microsoft Windows :-). His site is full of gems including

Yezerski Roper Limited (YRL)

Yezerski Roper are a small software company based in the North West of England, but serving clients from all around the world. They specialise in providing intelligent and efficient software in a timely and cost-effective manner. Historically the company has been involved in providing Call Centre systems to large clients, with full supporting accounting and geographical information systems.

More recently the company has been applying its mobile data skills to internet-based solutions which have included HTML document generation, Wap/WML email gateways and real-time route-running generating Flash movies.

Nephe.ws site

The Nephe.ws site is the "fun" side of JafSoft Limited. There's not much there at the moment :-)


We are affiliated to www.amazon.co.uk. You can see a list of the products we are happy to recommend

(and the) Native Hipsters

Not affiliated as such, but we're great fans of the Native Hipsters music, and are so are pleased as punch to discover that (after 20 years) they now have a web site at http://www.nativehipsters.co.uk/hipsters.html which we are proud to link to.

Thomas Industries

Thomas Industries are Industrial Systems Specialists Serving the Pacific Northwest. Specialists in engineered spray booths, automated systems, spray systems and industrial systems.

JafSoft Mirror site

A mirror JafSoft Limited offers a number of products and resources :-


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