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Convert text to PDF with AscToPDF

*AscToPDF" will shortly be entering a beta test phase. Watch this page for updates.

AscToPDF is a tool that lets you automatically convert your text to into PDF documents. The converter allows you to quickly convert newsletters, reports and tables into a more portable format.

The software uses the same powerful text analysis engine as the highly praised text-to-HTML and text-to-RTF converters (AscToHTM and AscToRTF). This engine allows AscToPDF to recognize the structure of your document and attempt to reproduce it in PDF format. This means the resulting document is more accurate, and needs less work than importing it directly into a PDF editor.

The software can recognize many typographical features, including headings, bulleted lists and tables in the original document. Where tables are detected in the original text these laid out properly using a non-proportional font of an appropriate size in the PDF document.

An API version will be made available under separate license for software developers who want to incorporate AscToPDF's ability into their own applications.

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