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Convert text to RTF with AscToRTF

AscToRTF is a tool that lets you automatically convert your text to into Rich Text Format (RTF) documents - the portable format supported by Microsoft Word's .doc files. The converter allows you to quickly convert newsletters, reports and tables into a more word-processor and e-commerce friendly format.

The software uses the same powerful text analysis engine as the highly praised text-to-HTML converter AscToHTM. This engine allows AscToRTF to recognize the structure of your document and faithfully reproduce it in RTF format. This means the resulting document is more accurate, and needs less work than importing it directly into a word processor.

The software can recognize many typographical features, including headings, bulleted lists, emphasis and tables in the original document. Where tables are detected in the original text these are analysed and laid out properly in the RTF document. The software supports the conversion of plain text tables as well as tab- or comma-delimited data tables (i.e. csv format data).

You can see some example conversions. The software comes with an extensive documentation which you can read on-line.

The program is available for Windows and (on request) for OpenVMS. The Windows version supports wildcards, and there is also a console version available that can be run from the command line and is better suited to batch conversions.

An API version is available under separate license for software developers who want to incorporate AscToRTF's ability into their own applications.

Download a trial copy

The current version of AscToRTF is version 2.0. You can download a 30-day trial for Windows from links on the menu on the right. You can also download console and API evaluation versions.

The software also runs under OpenVMS and has been tested under Linux and Mac OS X, although these versions are not commercially available as yet. If you are particularly interested in these versions, email us for details at [email protected].


AscToRTF costs $59(US) for a single user license. Users interested in either site or API licenses are advised that these are sold under separate license and that you should first contact [email protected] for details.

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Awards and reviews

ZDNet were "amazed at how well AscToRTF "upgraded" documents with a minimum of fuss"

TUCOWS have described AscToRTF as a "helpful alternative to the AutoFormat"

PC Magazine described AscToHTM (which uses the same text analysis engine as AscToRTF) as producing "better-looking output (HTML) than Microsoft Word's AutoFormat feature".

You can see more reviews and awards

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