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How AscToRTF converts your text into RTF

In order to accurately convert your text to RTF, AscToRTF will first analyse your text file looking for

  • paragraphs (i.e. you don't get hard breaks on each line)
  • headings. Numbered, underlined and capitalised headings are all recognised.
  • bullets and numbered lists
  • hanging paragraphs
  • tables and other regions of pre-formatted text such as ASCII art and diagrams
  • mail headers
  • Quoted text (as in email replies)
  • hyperlinks (these are coloured blue, but not fully converted at present)

It will attempt to generate the correct RTF for each type of text, and will use RTF styles to label all text according to type. Thus all bullets are labelled in the "Bullet" style. This gives you the opportunity to change things in the RTF using the Style functions.

You can see some example results

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