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Review and Awards for AscToRTF

ZDNet were "amazed at how well AscToRTF "upgraded" documents with a minimum of fuss"

TUCOWS have described AscToRTF as a "helpful alternative to the AutoFormat"

PC Magazine described AscToHTM (which uses the same text analysis engine as AscToRTF) as producing "better-looking output (HTML) than Microsoft Word's AutoFormat feature".

Please note, all emphasis of key phrases in the reviews is my own.

A1 Yippee
TUCOWS shareware
File Transit


ZDNet (Hotfiles)
4 cows at Tucows
Paul's Picks Shareware Winner
SoftList says GOOD!
Pass The
Pass the shareware
                URL 5 stars
Program URL
5 stars at All Files!
All Files
Softpicks 5
Software Picks Network
UK wares 5
UK Wares
One Kit 5
One Kit
Shareware Connection 5 stars
Shareware Connection
ShareUp 4
5 stars at File
File Transit
4 stars
A1 Yipee


ZD Software Library are one of the most respected sources of shareware and have awarded AscToRTF 5 stars at ZDNet (5 stars - their highest award).

According to ZDNet, 5 stars represents

Outstanding in all respects. Among the best of its class

Here's some of what they said:-

AscToRTF is a novel utility that can convert multiple plain-text files to .rtf files, complete with preset margins and bold/colored fonts. (It's very similar to the author's five-star AscToHTM text-to-HTML program.)

We didn't expect to be as impressed as we were with our test results; we were amazed at how well the program "upgraded" simple ASCII documents with a minimum of fuss.

AscToRTF can be run as a standard Windows program (complete with a clean-looking, tabbed GUI), from the command line, or from the Explorer Send To right-click menu. It works its magic by detecting the existing structure in the files being converted, by determining rules ("analysis policies") that describe the file layout. You configure the rich-text formatting generated by the program through output policies. Policies used by the file can be saved and subsequently reloaded -- a real time-saver if you have to process that type of file again.

Read the ZDNet Review in full.

A1 Yippee

4 stars

A1 Yippee provides fast download speeds and a review team of real computer users dedicated to giving honest reviews of the shareware and freeware software on this site. They rated AscToRTF 4 stars. Here's what they said

AscToRTF is an innovative piece of software that would be perfect for anyone who has to deal with wordprocessing file conversion, especially on a large scale. The interface is simply a series of tabs and fields which allow you to set the conversion properties, and even save settings for future use if you ever have to repeat the conversion. The results are surprisingly good. Recommended.

TUCOWS shareware

3 cows

TUCOWS are a popular, but selective site that stores internet related software. They have a large number of mirror sites around the world. They rated AscToRTF 3 cows.

Here's what they said

AscToRTF is a great way to convert plain text files into rich text files (RTF). This powerful little desktop utility eliminates the need to open a full word processor. It is loaded with helpful features and options.

AscToRTF recognizes headings, bullets, indentation levels, emphasized text and more. The user can choose to add hyperlinks to section numbers and e-mail addresses, just to name a few. You can also specify title and keywords to be added. These are only a sample of the many features in AscToRTF.

AscToRTF is a great way to save time. This convenient utility proves to be a helpful alternative to the AutoFormat. It is easy-to-use and compact.

Read the TUCOWS review in full.

File Transit

5 stars at File Transit

File Transit awarded AscToRTF 5 stars out of 5. There's no review as such on their site though.


SoftList says GOOD!

SoftList is a site that list shareware in Russian and English. They awarded AscToRTF a GOOD! rating.

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