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Console version of AscToRTF

Users who register the software not only get the Windows program, but will also get access to a console version of the software.

In addition to downloading 30-day trials of the Windows programs, you can download a separate trial of console versions. This are provided to allow you to evaluate how well the console versions of the software can be integrated with your existing systems. For testing the conversions themselves we still recommend you download the (larger) Windows versions, as these are easier to use when selecting which options you want.

Advantages of the console version

The console version can be run from the command line, or from inside a batch command file. This allows it to be integrated into your batch and automated procedures, although wanting fuller integration with their own software may width co consider the API version which is sold under separate license.

When using the console version - unlike the Windows version - no windows appear, and you can direct the output messages to a file, or discard them completely.

You can access most of the options available in the Windows version by supplying a policy file on the command line.

Limitations of the evaluation version

To allow you to fully test integrating console versions into your procedure there is no time limit on the evaluation copies of the console version (unlike the 30-day limit that applies to the Windows evaluation).

However, to encourage you to register, the console version still has a number of limits, and modifies the output in a number of ways so that you can still evaluate it, but will need to purchase to access the full functionality.

Limits include :-

  • wildcard limit. No more than 10 files can be converted with a single wildcard operation. Messages will be displayed for all the unconverted files, allowing you to see that the wildcard has been properly expanded.

In practice the console version will run with 100's of files at once.

  • Watermarking. A header and footer is added to each output file. This is omitted in the registered version

  • Changed case. Some of the text will be converted to UPPER or lower case. This will either be the occasional WORD or the occasional LINE OF INPUT TEXT.

Note, none of these limits apply if you purchase the full version.

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