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JafSoft Limited make a number of high quality text conversion products. These tools will help you quickly and easily convert your text files into good-looking HTML or RTF and are real time savers! Check the review links to see what others say about these products.

You can download trial versions from the downloads page or take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee and buy direct from the pricing and ordering page.

AscToHTM Text to HTML conveter
The award-winning text-to-HTML converter (5 stars at ZDNet and others),
described by several reviewers as the best in the world. Much of this
site is itself generated using AscToHTM. Look for the logo at the foot
of each page, where a link to the original source file will allow you
to make before and after comparisons. Offered as shareware costing $30.
You can read the reviews of AscToHTM
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HTML to Text converter and Markup Removal
This utility can selectively remove some or all markup tags from a HTML
source file.

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  When removing all markup Detagger acts as a full HTML-to-text converter
spotting headings, lists, indented text, tables and hyperlinks and
turning them into suitable text formats. When selectively removing and
manipulating tags, the Detagger will has options to remove all non-HTML
tags (e.g. to remove all the extra tags that Office applications add).
Offered as shareware costing only $29.95


Text to PDF converter
AscToPDF features the same text analysis engine as AscToHTM, but
instead creates PDF. AscToPDF is currently offered as a 0.9 release.
As such it is offered at a special introductory price of $40. It will
be priced at least twice this when version 1.0 is released.]

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Text to RTF converter
AscToRTF features the same text analysis engine as AscToHTM, but
instead creates RTF. AscToRTF has also received 5 star reviews.
Offered as shareware costing $59. You can read the reviews of AscToRTF

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Text to table converter

  A sophisticated text-to-table converter. This utility can convert
comma-separated, tab-separated lists into tables, or more impressively
plain text files into tables. The tables generated can be output to
either HTML or RTF.
  This software is offered as freeware. If you like it, all we ask is
you send us a postcard.

Coming soon

Other products and projects in the pipeline

  We have a number of other projects "under construction". Some of these
have working code that is yet to be fully documented and completed.
Nevertheless if you have a particular conversion need, it may be we
could rush release something we already have, or tailor something
to your needs. In that case why not take a look...

If you'd like to help translate these products user interfaces into other languages visit the translations page.

If you'd like information of any of the above products contact contact us

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